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Long Road

Coordinating care by means of Resources, Services, & Support throughout life’s Journey

Embrace Journey

Embrace Journey operates with the highest level of fiduciary services. We use our expertise to carry out services as Trustee, Power of Attorney, Conservator/Guardian, Estate Administration, Medical Advocate, Care & Money Manager to meet the needs of our clients. We also contract with other professional services to accomplish the tasks needed in our day-to-day operations.


Our staff is trained to locate, coordinate, direct, monitor, and assist in facilitating care in the lives of those who need support and resource services.   Embrace Journey works closely with courts, government agencies, hospitals, and service providers to ensure vital advocacy to residents of King and Pierce County.  

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Who we are

Embrace Journey is a team of highly experienced Care Facilitators.
We strive to provide compassionate, personally managed care that supports the health and wellness, financial stability, and legal rights of our clients. We partner with families, trust officers, financial planners, attorneys, physicians, and health care providers to ensure that our clients are empowered with 360º of care.

Fiduciary Services 

Embrace Journey provides Professional Fiduciaries services which can be designated in documents such as a Power of Attorney, Will, Health Care Designation, or Trust to serve in a trusted, confidential, and competent manner. Depending on the specific provisions of the document, Embrace Journey Fiduciary services may be responsible for financial management, health-care decision-making, asset protection, distributions, public benefits planning, tax and estate planning, and management of family dynamics. Acting as a fiduciary Embrace Journey requires staff to be proactive in anticipating issues or concerns and engage the appropriate professionals when needed. Embrace Journey abides by our legal duties required in the document and provides accurate accounting and communication with the appropriate parties.




Embrace Journey is Licensed, Bonded, & Insured

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