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  Representative Payee Services
                 (Rep Payee)
          Daily Money Manager

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Representative Payee

Embrace Journey will act as the receiver for your Social Security Disability, Supplemental Security, and  Veterans Income  for individuals who are unable to managing their own benefits. Embrace Journey will assist individuals with money management, along with providing protection from financial abuse and victimization.

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Rep Payee 
Daily Money Manager

Personalized Plan of Action

Embrace Journey will coordinate with all key parties involved, such as trusted advisors, caregivers, family members, POAs and others that are part of the “team” providing ongoing care.
Privacy, discretion, and confidentiality will be adhered.  and transparent communication and regular reporting is included in our processing systems. 
Embrace Journey's intention is to collaborate and communicate consistently, review, and reevaluate a client’s plan of routinely actions, and make adjustments as needed to provide the best set of services and benefits to the client and achieve peace of mind to the greatest extent possible.

Daily Money Manager Task & More 


Past & current documents/files are often tucked away in a closet or stacked on a desk. Embrace Journey will clean out paper files, discard or shred items that are no longer needed, and use a system that works best for each client including paper and/or digital format.

Services include but not limited to:

  • Processing, sorting, and filing mail and email

  • Reviewing and ensuring timely payment of bills

  • Checking and explaining statements from financial institutions

  • Following up on unexpected correspondence

  • Bill Pay Services

  • Expense & Budget Tracking

  • Document Review & Organization

  • Medical Paperwork Assistance

  • Preparation & filing of tax returns

  • Coordinate and interface with other financial professionals

  • Monthly/ Quarterly/ Yearly Financial Reports

  • Inform family/friends regarding Financial Standings

Financial Organization and Reporting



  • Tracking expenses, budget reporting, and preparing information for taxes

  • Identifying and tracking your income, expenses, and investments

  • Creating a budget and devising solutions to make following it easy

  • Compiling all the information your accountant or tax preparer needs

  • Organizing online accounts and safeguarding passwords

What is a Money Manager?

Embrace Journey’s Daily Money Managers specialize in helping our clients manage their day-to-day personal finances (paying bills, tracking insurance claims, organizing files, safeguarding important financial documents, tax preparation, budgeting, and more).  Our services are provided both in person and through virtual meetings with our clients.  Our Daily Money Managers take time to learn about our client’s personal financial situations to provide personalized financial plans & budgets that are customized to each client’s unique financial position.

   Benefits of a Money Manager Services

Daily money managers examine where money is going and keep an eye on the budget. We will notice if there have been particularly high or unusual charges, such as spending too much on groceries, frequent withdrawing of funds from the ATM, or unnecessary bank fees/charges being assessed to the account. By frequently tracking and monitoring accounts, Embrace Journey understands the financial position of our clients and helps ensure they are getting the most use of their resources.


  Money Management Services Begin With

  • Provide an initial evaluation of needs

  • Work together with individuals, family members, caregivers, and trusted advisors to develop a                customizable plan based on needs & wishes

  • Creating budgets

  • Examinations of statements and bills & credit card payments

  • Organize files, taxes, insurance, and legal documents

  • Negotiating with creditors, if applicable

  • Reconciliation of checking/ saving accounts and investment statements

  • Assisting with tax preparation

  • Assisting with estate settlement

  • Additional services provided as needed

Office Meeting
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